Ajay Chopra, Reetu Agarwal, Krishna Talukdar, Barnali Mitra, Loknandini Sharma, Debdeep Mitra


The scalp with its hairy pelage is a unique component of the human cutaneous system. Apart from being a protective coat it also has considerable cosmetic and aesthetic significance acting as an adornment of the human body.


In all the selected patients, a detailed history was taken in each case regarding the onset and evolution of the lesions, duration of illness, secondary changes if any, any previous similar episodes, any aggravating factors, personal history, occupational history, drug history and family history of similar disease were taken.


A total number of 12,384 patients were screened over a period of one year in our study out of which 235 patients making an incidence of 1.91% were observed with various scalp dermatoses and were taken for study.


Scalp, Dermatoses, Dermatoses of scalp, Clinical study, Human cutaneous system, Clinical study of dermatoses.


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