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Breast cancer is the most common cancer among females and the most common cause of death across the globe. It poses serious threat to the population and to the community as a whole. It is age related disease whose incidence increases with age. Nearly 50% of patients with carcinoma breast are more than 65 years of age. Limited data is available about the management of breast cancer in elderly patients which poses a major therapeutic challenge. Since there is dearth of such studies so, it becomes important to conduct such study.


A sample of 40 elderly patients with breast cancer was collected. Parameters like nature of tumour, histology, age, stage, hormonal status and type of treatment used were analysed. The most common age group was 6thand 7th decade, most common stage was IIIA and commonest histologic type was NOS. 90% underwent mastectomy and 10% lumpectomy. 80% were hormone receptor positive. Most of them received adjuvant treatment in the form of chemotherapy and radiation with hormone therapy.


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