SPEAK Foundation - Stimulating People for Education, Awareness & Knowledge

Our Vision & Mission

Vision: Deciphering and Popularizing the Knowledge Capital of the Society.

Mission: Stimulating People for Empowerment, Awareness and Knowledge. 


Stimulating people for empowerment, awareness and knowledge through research as well as education, an initiative to engage the society in creative, innovative and constructive work for strengthening the very foundation of society and people living out there.

This organization is a platform from where a dream of creating knowledge based society can get its real shape. It’s an effort to create a society, where everyone is aware about his/ her rights, duties and capable of empowerment through knowledge attainment. Creation of a society, where justice prevails in all its forms and the freedom of individual is respected and different multi-cultural as well as ethnic identities live together in harmony. This vision is not a utopian rather a well thought out and articulated action plan, which could be achieved, if young minds are actively engaged.

Each society has its own reservoir of knowledge, that is “knowledge capital”, which provides meaning to its existence and in which society finds its solution to its problems. Our organization would endeavour to decipher and understand that very knowledge base of society, which keeps all the realms and institutions of society intact: political, economic and social.

In an era of knowledge economy the whole world is pre-occupied with the issue /concept of knowledge and this organization would like to contribute in this regard by working on the issues like Social Impact Assessment (SIA), Resettlement and Rehabilitation (R&R), Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs), Socail Auditing and many more. 

In contemporary times society is grappling with various problems, people are living cheek by jaw and myriad problems pertaining to society, polity, environment, health come to fore. Interestingly enough the solution to all these problems lies in society itself. All one needs is an active engagement and intervention into the working of society to trace the roots of various malice. Our organization strives to work in this direction.

The foundation follows the participatory approach where people would act as actors, we as initiators and the government as facilitator. We also provide people a ‘vocal platform’ and follow the principle of active engagement rather than practicing the principle of detachment.

Every society has its own unique way of responding to the external stimulus and has its own mechanism to deal with problems. People within a community develop certain kind of patterns of behaviour or attitude towards everything existing in and out of their geo-political boundary, which in turn is derived from beliefs and ideologies prevalent in their socio-cultural matrix. These beliefs and ideologies constitute the cultural baggage of knowledge, which is carried forward from generation to generation. Therefore, we adopt scientific and reflexive methodologies to unravel the structure of knowledge of society embedded in their socio-cultural milieu. This allows us to get an in-depth insight into the community’s psyche.

Thus, this ethnographic insight of their knowledge capital would work as an instrument for stimulating them for empowerment, awareness and knowledge with their own cultural ways. And this is the aim which SPEAK Foundation uphelds.

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