Sudha R. Balakrishnan


Social anxiety is a major problem faced by a majority of Adolescents today. Social Anxiety is a chronic condition characterized by intense fear, anxiety and avoidance in situations involving social interactions. The present study attempts to study the prevalence of social anxiety among high school students in Mumbai. Sixty students of the age group of 12-17 were selected for the study. They were divided into two groups, the Experimental Group and the Control Group of 30 students each. An intervention for the experimental group involving Yoga and Breathing exercises were given to those experiencing Social anxiety for duration of 3 months (Weekly 5 days). A Social Skills Training Programme was also organized once a week in these three months. A post study of Social Anxiety was again conducted. The results show a marked reduction in the Social Anxiety levels in the Experimental Group in comparison with a Control Group.


Yoga, Social skills, Social anxiety, High school students, Adolescents, Anxiety.


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