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Sanjeev Bahadur, S. L. Gupta, B. K. Jha, Hitesh Gupta


Indian sub-continent is one of the major destinations of Fortune 1000 Companies for exploring profitable business opportunities. The Indian B2B marketplace is undergoing a major transformation. B2B transactions form a major chunk of business done in the world. Indian B2B markets comprises of Central and State Government agencies, departments, Public sector units, Corporate(s), etc. B2B buying is also referred to as Industrial buying.

The way in which B2B buyers procure goods and services in India is referred to as B2B Buyer Behaviour. Fortune 1000 companies needs to know more about Indian B2B buying process to increase their sales turnover and profits. This paper focuses on developing a model for Indian B2B Buyer Behaviour. Further, this research study attempts to integrate knowledge in Theory and practice with specific reference to Indian B2B marketplace.


Fortune, B2B, Indian B2B, B2B purchase, Business to Business, B2B buying

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