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Hariharan Ravi, R. Ayswarya


Green refers to pure in quality as well as fair and just in dealings. Environmental problems have become a major concern in today’s world. Consumer’s attitude has changed in buying the products. Green marketing is a much broader concept and it includes industrial goods and services, consumer goods, etc. It is a necessity that both consumers as well as businessmen abstain from harmful products. Thus, this paper analyzes the impact on consumer buying behaviour towards Green products in Bangalore City. A well structured questionnaire was prepared to collect one hundred respondents and simple random sampling technique had been used for this study. The findings of the study showed that most of the respondents (65 per cent) are female, 89 per cent of the respondents belong to the age group between 18-24. Therefore, product is the most influencing marketing element.


Green marketing, Impact, Buying behaviour, Awareness, Usage, Products.

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