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M.A. Parveen Banu, A. Nilofer


In this globalized world managing relationships with the customer and making them contented has become a necessity in the banking industry. It is accepted that the cost to bring a new customer is ten times higher than to retain the existing customer. In addition to this it is also agreed that the various choices have opened today for the customers. Therefore, all this require a better understanding of the customer. What customers expect from the bank and their requirements are to be understood, even though all customers do not contribute equally to the profitability of the banks. If the customer relationship management is handled appropriately it will not only help to progress the bank but also help to focus bank‘s effort where it required the most. Customer relationship management is the most efficient and strongest approach while creating and maintaining relationship with consumers. The present study attempts to understand the customer perception towards CRM practices in SBI in Trichy city. It offers some insights and assistance to banking industry in planning their CRM strategies.


Customer, Banking Industry, Customer Relationship Management, Customer Perception, CRM strategies, Consumer Revenue.

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