E. Mubarak Ali, K. Riyazahamed


With technological advancement, it was imperative that banks and their customers switch to the new ways of banking called e-banking. This study therefore investigated the satisfaction of adopting the use of e-banking by customers. The main objective of this study is to find out the consumer’s preference towards e-banking service, to know the satisfaction level of customers towards e-banking services and to analyses the awareness among customers for different e-channels provided by the banks. Using a descriptive study, the data’s are collected through primary data from 120 private sectors e-banking users in Tiruchirappalli District. The respondents are selected using a simple random sampling. The results of the study found that availability of information on e-banking, the significant satisfaction to adopting and use of e-banking by customers


Technological Advancement, e-Banking, Services, e-Channels, Availability, Satisfaction.


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