J. Mary Saranya, V. Abirami


Online banking system is one of the great tool supporting many customers as well as banks and financial institutions to do banking activities through Internet. Technology revolutions have allowed the developments of new efficient delivery, processing channels and innovative products and services in banking industry.  Consumers are increasingly discerning and have become more involved in their financial decisions. The global economy is undergoing transformation at a rapid pace and technology is instrumental for this change. The impact of technological revolution is being experienced in all walks of life and banking sector has also witnessed the same. Indian banking sector has also gone under complete transformation. To provide customers with safe, consistent, online environment to do online banking the banks should implement new technologies to authenticate customer’s identities when they log in, to guarantee their data transmitted securely and consistently Bank should have best contingency strategies and formulate security plans and practices. Online banking users such as brute-force attacks, distributed attacks, and social phishing. The banks should increase their security system constantly, which means the banks have to keep investing on the security systems.


Internet Banking, Security Standards, Contingency Strategies, Banking, Online banking, Security in banking.




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