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Business is an important economic activity, which contributes to the major economic growth of the nation. Today, the business activities are not confined to particular place but they are accessible anywhere due to the influence of modern technology and techniques. The growth of the internet and online activities in the commerce ease the commercial activities. In the modern era of electronic technology, people want their work to be done quickly, so the traditional commerce has been replaced by E-commerce. E-Commerce makes almost any kind of business to run in a simple way. E-commerce has given global access to marketing and purchasing of goods without leaving the home or offices. E-commerce facilities are not restricted to trading activities but they are extended to banking, communication, chatting, medical, entertainment, mailing, investment and many more important activities of the present world. No doubt, E-commerce has made the life easier but it has to face number of regulatory issues and legal questions. The copyright applicable to digital content, national laws applicable to cyberspace, law to the internet, taxes applicable to cyber trade are some of the issues. The E-Commerce, is not free from challenges, the customers, media selection, the product to deal, attracting the customers, retaining the customers, suppliers are the major problems.


This paper is presented to focus on the “Issues and Challenges in E-Commerce”. The Paper is dividedinto mainly six parts –Introduction, Literature review, Research Methodology, Analysis and Discussion, Conclusion and reference. The main purpose of this study is to overcome the challenges of E-commerce and enhance the growth of digital marketing. “I dream of a Digital India where government services are easily and efficiently available to citizens on mobile devices” These were the words of the Honourable Prime Minister of India when he addressed the Digital India summit 2014 through a video conference.


E-commerce, Digital Marketing, Technology, Techniques.



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