Uma Maheshwari E.S.


The present study efforts to investigate the adverse effect of cyber crimes and security in social media at the present time. Social networking sites have turned into an essential part of the survives of most of the human life between childhood and maturity. In the contemporary generation of online network, ultimate of the acquired information is online and prostrate to cyber threats. The purpose of social networking sites is elevated and correlated to another manipulation of the internet. The most important reason is people’s wish to intermingle and interconnect people all around the globe. Corrupt and desirous people take the superior position of effortless and open door policy to the Internet and accomplish any acts to fulfill their needs. The requirement could be physiological or psychological in nature. Electronic shopping and a wide variety of “social media” are the origin of cyber crimes. Much self - awareness created for cyber crimes and exploiters were educated. Plenty of people have fallen sufferer to these crimes due to the deficit of awareness and misuse of these social networking websites. The scare of lagging behind in this technology issue has led to the growth in the statistics of these crimes. This study provides the understanding of cyber crimes and how society is affected by it in social networking sites and its impacts over society with the future trends of cyber crimes.


Cyber Crimes, Impacts, Online Shopping, Security, Social Networking, Users.



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