S. Gokul, J. Hari Prasath


Nowadays security is the important aspect of the current generation because of the unrestrictable involvement on digital trade and online transactions. Establishing a network is not a complicated work for the network administrators. But protecting the entire network is the biggest issue. There are more number of destructors and tools available to destroy the network and crash all the data of an individual or an organization. But when we look into securities it’s still at a basic stage. Cyber security not only deals with the protection of software and servers but also safeguarding against disruption and misdirection of services of an organization providers. Due to the numerous numbers of cyber-attacks it is a potential aspect of a country to ensure and develop the cyber security in all areas such as government, military, public details, Banking Financial Service and Insurance (BFSI), manufacturing and others. In this paper us mainly emphasis on the network security and also we present some major issues that can affect our network.


Digital trade, Destructors, Cyber-attacks, Digital security, E-commerce.


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