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D. Arthi, P. Santhi


The emergence of internet and its widespread patronage provides an opportunity for modern transition in the trading activities of business concern. This in turn has an impact on purchase associated activities of the customers, starting from the information search to end product purchase. Electronic word of mouth termed as the positive or negative statement posted by potential or previous customers of the products or services, made available to more number of people through internet based technology. The objective of the study is to analyse the impact of online review characteristics on purchase decision of consumer electronics through e-commerce websites. Primary data were collected from 133 respondents using structured questionnaire and the respondents were the consumers of specified electronic products purchased through e-commerce websites. Non-probability sampling method namely convenience sampling technique was adopted to select the sample respondents. Accordingly, the collected data were analysed using Garrett Ranking technique and Factor analysis. The results of the study reveals that recommendations from previous customer is the dominant factor influencing the respondents towards the product purchase and in addition it is also identified that positive reviews have a great impact on purchase decision than the negative reviews posted by the former customers.


E-commerce, Electronic word of mouth, Online reviews, Purchase decision, Consumer electronics.

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