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M.V.D. Aswathy, Sherly Thomas


The global demand for organic products is estimated as 124.76 billion US$ in 2017 and it is expected to reach 323.56 billion US$ in 2024(5). Even in India, organic product export contributed to 515.44 million US$ in 2017-18 (APEDA, 2017-18). But local demand for organic products is still low in India, as people are hesitant to buy organic produce because of its high price. Thus, to improve organic claims, it is essential to analyze consumer’s demand and acceptability to pay for organic products. To gauge the above mentioned factors, a study was undertaken in Coimbatore district (Tamil Nadu). The city comprises of many organic outlets and people are also showing keen interest in purchasing organic farm products. Therefore, a well-structured questionnaire was framed to collect information from organic consumers who frequently visit the organic outlets, collected data was analyzed using appropriate statistical tools and inferences are drawn.


Organic market, Global demand, Increase in investment, Consumer survey, Demand, Acceptability and Willingness to pay.

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