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Anupama Sharma, Sumita Kukreja


In this paper we have tried to put forth the problems which are generally faced by women while performing personal and professional roles together. The factors responsible for causing role conflict among them is also analysed here. Further, how they make adjustment with their social and professional life is also studied. For analysing all these facts a survey has been conducted among 100 female employees working in different field of hospitality sector.

Various hotels including five star, four star, three star and other category of Delhi has been chosen as the study area. In spite of this, information also has been gathered through secondary sources. After analysing all the facts it can be concluded that dual responsibility of personal and professional duties is overburdening the women, deteriorating their physical as well as mental health and spoiling their inter-personal relations. All including husband, children, in-laws, colleagues, and officers have to understand their situation and have to cooperate them in all sense.


Hospitality women, Working women, Women conflict, Role conflict, Social adjustment, Hospitality industry.

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