M. Maheswari


This study is conducted on Job fulfilment of Workers at Dalmiya Cements.  The researcher has gone for both primary and secondary data.  The sample size selected for data compilation was 180 respondents of Dalmiya Cements functioning in a variety of sections.  The questionnaire has been used for collecting most important data from the employees.  Secondary data connecting to the outline of the Dalmiya Cements (Bharath) Limited, Dalmiyapuram and a range of sections has been collected from the organization records, journals and associated proceedings and text books. The main objective of this study is, therefore, to learn the socio-demographic individuality of the respondents, to study the factors that determines stage job satisfaction, to determine the association between job satisfaction and other personal aspects like sex, age, income and educational qualification and suggest appropriate way to get better the stage of job satisfaction of the respondents.  The study concludes that the size and the structure of the organization, in which a human being is employed, also play significant role in his job fulfilment. Key factors that donate to the job satisfaction of the employees have been calculated in this research. Since the study the investigator has create out that in the Dalmiya Cements (Bharath) Limited, Dalmiyapuram, employees are having job satisfaction but not the elevated stage of job satisfaction.


Achievement, Efficiency, Harmony, Job satisfaction, Job performance, Job fulfilment.


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