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Amit Bijon Dutta


>Construction industry has been termed as a labour intensive industry; no work can be carried out without the involvement of skilled, semi-skilled or unskilled labours. Delay in construction is a universal evident reality and a worldwide fact. Same two projects on paper isn't distinctive in execution, the manpower, the planning parameters, site conditions makes two identical projects completely different. Any construction job-site productivity is influenced by several factors which may be categorised either as labour characteristics, conditions of project work or as non-productive activities.

Labour characteristics play a very important factor in executing a job on time, few of the factors are; Quality of work, quantity of work, Job knowledge, Judgment, Initiative, Resource Utilization, responsibility, Analytical Ability, Communicative Ability, Interpersonal Skills, Ability to work under pressure, Security Sensitivity, Safety Consciousness, Profit and Price Sensitivity, planning Effectiveness, etc. The factors may be assessed on a three purpose scale; 1) Strength recognitions, 2) Meeting expectations, 3) area that needs improvement. Migration of labours from one part to another in search of work may lead to convenience and non-availability of workers which may vary from season to season. This paper reviews the Labour factor in construction business in India as a whole.


Construction Industry, Construction workers, Delay, Efficiency, Productivity, Migration.

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