L. Satheeskumar, P. Saritha


This study is conducted on Consumer Satisfaction of Care Mineral Water in Tiruchirappalli.  The researcher has gone for both primary and secondary data.  For the purpose of the study 100 respondents were selected by convenience Sampling Method.  Primary data is collected from 100 respondents using Interview Schedule.  In order to collect the primary data, interview schedule method was adopted.  The primary data was collected from 35 respondents in Priyanga Nagar, 35 respondents in Annamalai Nagar, and 30 respondents in Thillai Nagar in Tiruchirappalli District.  The researcher used primary data and secondary were collected from the magazines, books, newspaper and from various websites.  The main objective of this study is, therefore, to find out the factors that influences the consumer to buy the Care Mineral Water, to identify the typical use of Care Mineral Water, to identify factors influencing purchase Care Mineral Water, to find out the level of satisfaction among various consumers, to find out the consumer preferences among various brands and to give suggestions for improvement of Care Mineral Water.  The study concludes that continuous study on consumer is essential. More over the government should control all the mineral water company then only all the company’s provides good quality products because water is basic for most need of the people.


Brand, Convenient, Consumer, Quality, Quantity, Consumer satisfaction.


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