Sherin J, Shalini S, Archana M


Stress is how we act or respond to any happening. It can be caused due to both good and bad happenings. Stress management is a wide range of systems and psychotherapies went for controlling and individual’s dimension of pressure stress management. It is important in an organization to ensure a happy and healthy environment in the work place. The outcome of stress includes job dissatisfaction employee turnover, absenteeism, reduced performance, impatience etc... A statistics states that due to stress 60% of employees plan to quit their job. “It is not the load that breaks you down, ‘its’ the way you carry it”. Yes it is not the stress that weakness us it is how we react to it. There is both positive and negative way of approaching towards stress that shows the result of it effects of uncontrolled stress leads to negative results and controlled stress or positive approach gives the positive outcomes. One must know how to overcome the negative impacts of stress with positive attitude. The organization must adopt right strategies to enable the employees to work in a stress-free environment. Through this paper we are going to explain importance of stress in management and through this what are all the effects people suffering from and how to overcome it.


Stress, Employees, Stress management, Performance.




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