A. Sukumar, Akila K, Dharchana E


Marketing is a business term that specialists have characterized in many diverse ways. Indeed, even at organization level individuals may see the term in an unexpected way. Essentially, it is an administration procedure through which items and administrations move from idea to the client. It incorporates distinguishing proof of an item, deciding interest, settling on its cost, and choosing appropriation channels. It likewise incorporates creating and actualizing a limited time technique. Product, price, place and promotion are the main 4 Ps of marketing. The item or items which are intend to sell in the business is referred to a Product. How much the company fixed money value for its product is known as Price. It will be fixed on the basis of cost price, marketing expenses and distribution cost. Distribution of product leads to Place. The company may sell its products through Physical storefront, online or through both distribution channels. Combined marketing communications campaign are referred to be a promotion. Marketing plays a vital role in business process and also there are more types of marketing in that one of the types is E-Marketing. As now a days the process of digitalization process increase the use of e-marketing also get increased rapidly.


Product, Price, Promotion, Place, Digital marketing, e-marketing.








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