Sri Bhagavath Geetha M., Pooja K., Golkonda C. Rathi


Entrepreneurship has now emerged as a profession like other profession. The last two decades have seen the advent of various new disciplines in the area of management. Entrepreneurship has emerged quite recently when small entrepreneurs began to enter the markets to promote their products. Entrepreneurship has influenced every aspect of business thinking and planning. Apart from this, it has also influenced our day to day lives in the form of technological advancement. Entrepreneurs can make the organizational structure and it is the basic of the organisation. Entrepreneurs are able to solve the problems which are faced by external environment. Entrepreneur will guide the employees to do the works in the enterprise. Entrepreneur work on the estimation of the future like earning profits, retaining in the market etc., usually there are more competitors in the market so the entrepreneur must have some knowledge how to overcome the obstacles faced by them. Entrepreneurship is positively associated with economic growth. Thus, an entrepreneur is a person who combines various factors of production into a usable product. To the end of this paper we have also included the types of entrepreneurs on the basis of their functions.


Entrepreneurship, Organisation, Growth.






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