M. Sathiya Rekha, V. Meena, T. Thiripura Sundari


Marketing aims at creating customer satisfaction by building an everlasting relationship with customer. Marketing ensures an organization capacity in tapping information technology to reach its specified objective. Result in the development of new business models that add customer value and increase company’s profitability. It aims to achieving increases brand awareness. E-marketing add value to product or services. Enlarges customer base by reaching out to new marketing’s-marketing enables companies to be more efficient and flexible in their internal operations, to work more closely with their suppliers and to be responsible to the customers. E-marketing is the capacity to involve and integrate business and market processes. The solution for the frauds that are done can be solved by “caveat emptor “means “let the buyers beware”. When the customer is giving their personal details, they must be aware of the fraudulent at stop the process. When they found any of the fraudulent activities, they call even complain in the consumer courts. There may be even fake advertisement. The customer must be aware of the fraudulent. The must be careful while sending their personal information or even about the payments. For avoiding the fraud in the name of the pin numbers the customers can choose the option cash on delivery. To avoid the fraud, they must choose the reputed websites. The reputed websites may not do such fraud as they do not need to spoil their reputation and if there is any chance of fraud, they might take serious steps


Marketing, Customer satisfaction, e-Marketing, Customer.



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