Madhusudhan TK, Kesava Rao GV


Customer relationship management (CRM) is the need of the hour to the companies in the highly competitive market. A strong CRM strategy are devised, developed or adopted by the company decide the long term growth of the company. All the CRM efforts of the company should lead to customer satisfaction, loyalty and retention. The purpose of this study is to understand the impact of CRM on customer satisfaction with reference to replacement sales of Truck/Bus Radial (TBRs) Tyres in Bangalore District. The method of research adopted is descriptive in nature. The population used for the study is the fleet owners (Commercial vehicle) in Bangalore district. Sampling technique used in this study is convenience sampling and size of sample is 300. For this purpose, CRM questionnaire was designed and used. The obtained data is analyzed by using multiple regression analysis. Findings of the study point out that customer relationship management is having positive impact on the customer satisfaction in replacement sales of Truck/Bus Radials (TBRs).


Customer relationship management (CRM), Truck/Bus Radial (TBRs) tyres, replacement market, Customer satisfaction.


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