Rizwana M., KH Satish


The growth of internet technology and information technology has helped in rapid proliferation of the concept of E-governance which has transformed government offices with the extensive use of Information and Communications Technologies (ICT). These technological adoption has been user friendly and it has made employees making it more accountable and also accessible. The technology has helped in information accessibility; operational transparency; and has provided many online public services.  Many governments have started using ICT to improve efficiency and overall performance through automation of back-office functions and gone are the day of manual movement of their offices records and official files which needed months for approval by the hierarchical system.  With the introduction of ICT, a well-organized electronic system i.e. (E-office) has been put in place to reap the benefits of E-governance to deliver changes management perceptions, technology issues, but challenges associated in its implementation are natural.  This paper addresses both the issues and challenges in E-office planning and implementation in government offices.


E-governance, Information and Communication technology, E-office


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