Mudita Sinha, Leena Fukey


The study has been done to find out the impact of online advertisements in increasing offline sales in the Jewellery industry. It also helps to examine the mode of platforms preferred by the consumers to buy Jewellery. It puts light on the nature and quality of advertisements that induce the consumers to visit the store and make a purchase. It emphasizes as to which digital platform has a greater impact on driving the consumers to the store. Hence, the study helps in establishing a link between the digital space of the company and the company’s instore sales. It also provides us insights on the type of Jewellery that the consumers prefer to buy online. It helps in understanding the buying behavior of the consumers in the online platforms as well as helps in identifying the elements in the online platform that drive the consumers to the store to make a retail sale. Therefore, the success of digital campaigns in boosting retail sale at the stores can be examined. Jewellery is a luxurious commodity and consumers find themselves restricted to make such high value purchases on digital platforms. Hence, the study helps companies understand the amount of efforts and resources that need to be allocated for the online marketing of such commodities, and how these digital efforts are driving in- store purchases and profits. It also helps companies to measure the impact of these online advertisements in increasing their point of sale profits at the store. Accordingly, the companies can allocate their financial resources in the online space for optimum results and profits.


Digital marketing, Marketing strategies, Jewellery industry, Consumer behaviour.


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