M.K.M. Manikandan, T.K. Anurekha


The paper aims to study the impact of rebranding exercise on the brand association, corporate characteristics and service quality. The study is conducted in Coimbatore city after the telecom service brand has initiated the rebranding exercise. Standardized questionnaire were used to study the concepts, brand equity, consumer characteristics and service quality dimensions. The brand association concept is studied for there is any change in the perception of consumers’ perception of variables taken up for brand association. The corporate characteristics of the brand is studied for there is any difference in the perception before and after rebranding exercise with some factors been seen differently. Lastly the relationship between the service quality and the customer loyalty is again reinforced in this case also.


The research was conducted in Coimbatore city with a limited number of sample. The results of this study may reflect to other parts of country as the promotional strategy varies between states in India. The research paper provides a view on the factors that have been perceived differently by consumers after the rebranding exercise of the brand.


Brand Association, Service Quality, Corporate Characteristics.


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