V. Vijaya, Ravi Thodla


The road which builds wealth is paved with many types of investment. There are so many avenues available for the smart investment. The investors need that type of investment which hassle free one, compared to picking of stock and managing the portfolio by oneself. Generally, for investors the hands are down for equity, as it is called the best assets class investment which overrides inflation.  Systematic Investment plan (SIP) is the order of preference where Investors hangout of late. It is the easiest process to enter into capital market. Systematic Investment Plan is an investment vehicle which allows small amount, periodically instead of lumpsum. It is a simple process of investing in mutual funds, similar to a recurring bank deposit.  This paper deals with the length and breath of SIP.  It also deals how it builds the wealth of individual and indirectly the wealth creation of nation as well.  It also states the factors which are responsible for SIP investment.  In fact, SIP become sought-after destination for most of the retail investors.


Systematic investment plan, Factors, Mutual funds, Tax savings.


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