A. Mayur Kumar


This paper reports the results of a study designed to identify key customer satisfaction to the success of their Digital online Mobile Wallets, to carry out the research purpose of the current study is descriptive immature as the research purpose is clearly structure and this study aims at gaining insights in increasing the payments of Digital online Mobile Wallets in Bengaluru city. The primary data would be collect from 190 sample responses belonging to varied group of customers and on the basis of age, sex, income, life style, purchasing preferences, geographical location, economics status, frequency and visit of the Mobile Wallets at Bengaluru city. Present study consists and the questionnaire two parts.  Part-I questionnaire measures the distribution of participants on the bases demographic characteristics and part-II questionnaire measures on customer satisfaction of Digital online Mobile Wallets five point liker scale ranging from (1) strongly disagree to (5) “strongly agree” Sample was collected on the basis of non-probabilistic convenience sampling method. The population in this study comprise of customer who loves Digital online Mobile Wallet in Bengaluru city. This study is undertaken reliability analysis to customer satisfaction of Digital online Mobile Wallets in Bengaluru city India. The hypothesis has been tested by using ANOVA analysis and Result of research as concluded the important to enhance customer satisfaction the makes better to Digital online Mobile Wallets at Bangalore city.


Mobile wallet, Digital online, Customer satisfaction, Payments.


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