Chandra Sekhar Pinipilli, Venkata Ramana Murthy Kudumula


Education plays a vital role in the development of a nation. The realm of education has been engulfed in the effervescence generated by the latest technological cataclysm. Massive Open Online Courses give a strong edifice to free access and collective learning interface through the internet. SWAYAM one of the online platform for providing easy accessibility and cost-effective education throughout the clock regardless of the place which came into existence under the ambit of new education policy to fulfill the axioms of equality, equity, and accessibility. The intention is to create a road for the disadvantaged and unreached students who are left behind in the digital revolution to seek all kinds of teaching-learning resort thus mainstreaming the higher education further. This path-breaking initiative shall provide online access to a plethora of about 2000 courses covering school, undergraduate, postgraduate courses in multiple disciplines with the curriculum and pedagogy designed by a consortium of centrally funded universities, elite institutes, etc. By mainstreaming online courses and increasing their acceptability and credibility in Indian Higher Education System.


Education, SWAYAM, Pedagogy, Curriculum, Higher Education System, Online courses


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