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Sarita Chaudhary


This paper seeks to layout various problems related to the management of NGOs in National Capital of India and the extent to which non-government organizations are managed. It has been observed that NGOs in Delhi are mushrooming day by day; it has created discourse around the importance of NGO management. Many NGOs are facing funding problems due to their poor institutional management and lack of transparency, corruption in many NGOs has rendered their operations ineffective. Lack of accountability among many non-government organizations has resulted in misusing of funds by top officials. The research concludes that poor management and governance in many NGOs has resulted into their inability to achieve efficiency and effectiveness in their activities and many of the NGOs have been found to be unable to sustain their operations with the available resources. Furthermore, reduced financial resources have impacted the NGOs financial and human resource bases.


Non government organization, Voluntary action cell, Strategic management, Democracy, Governance, Partnership system.

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