Surgeon and Abdominal Tuberculoses

K.M. Ganesh Babu, M. Seetharamiah, Naveen .


Introduction: Though our country has progressed in scientific fields, abdominal tuberculoses presents now and then to the Surgeon. Approximately one fifth of patients need surgical intervention, abdominal tuberculosis is a great mimic & an important cause of morbidity.


Aim and objectives: To evaluate surgery in abdominal tuberculosis, clinicopathological manifestations, complications and management.


Materials & Methods: The study was done in AKASH HOSPITAL, Devanahalli, Bangalore Rural from 15, March,2018 to March15,2020. About 54 cases were studied underwent surgeries, patients were followed up to 6months -14 months.


Results: Age range of patients were 15-55 yrs, male to female ratio1 was 2:1. Most patients belonged to low socio economic group, 12% patients had history of contact, 70% presented with intestinal abdominal distension. All patients were discharged with 6 months ATT [2HREZ/4HRE].


Conclusion: In this series surgery was conservative, limited resection was practiced over Right hemicolectomy. Most cases showed good response to ATT post operatively.


Abdominal tuberculosis, Surgery, Resection, Right hemicolectomy, Stricturoplasty, Tuberculosis.


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