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Sanjeew Kumar Chowdhary, Ramendranath Talukdar


Introduction: Warm sitz bath and hot waterbag application are two commonly practiced method of superficial heat application in painful conditions of body. Sitz bath provides much relief in painful perianal conditions including anal fissure, thrombosed heamorrhoids etc. as well as following perianal surgeries. But it is cumbersome and somewhat awkward to take sitz bath while hot waterbag is simpler and requires no privacy.

Aims & Objective: As there was little scientific literature available presently comparing the two methods, present study was undertaken to compare the efficacy and compliance between the two methods.

Material & Methods: 56 patients of different painful perianal conditions were randomly divided into two groups-one taking warm sitz bath and another applying hot waterbag and data were collected and results were analyzed to know which one is better.

Results: 71.4% of patients using sitz bath showed satisfactory result while 92.9 % of cases using hot waterbag showed satisfactory result as compliance rate was higher in latter group than former.

Conclusion: Though both methods were equally effective but better compliance with hot waterbag application patient’s satisfaction regarding clinical recovery including relief from pain and healing was fast and better than using sitz bath.


Painful perianal conditions, Sitz bath, Hot waterbag, Anal fissure, Periananl surgery, Thrombosed haemorrhoid.

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