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International Journal of Medical and Pharma Research (IJMPR)

International Journal of Medical and Pharma Research (IJMPR)

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Philosophy of IJMPR guides it to map new frontiers in emerging and developing areas in research, industry and governance as well as to link with centers of excellence worldwide to stimulate young minds for creating knowledge based community.

We see the need for synergy and collaboration between these fields rather than segmentation and isolation. Hence, our objectives are to build new links, networks and collaborations between communities of thinkers, scholars, medical as well as pharma experts and practitioners in order to stimulate and enhance creative and application-oriented solutions for medical as well as pharma society.

Our continued success lies in bringing together and establishing channels of communication between leading policy-makers and prominent experts in medical as well as pharma industry, governance and related business as well as renowned academic, education and research based institutions to provide solutions for addressing the key issues of the contemporary medical and pharma society.

In order to foster and promote innovative thinking in the medical and pharma sciences, the editor prides itself by introducing its International Research Journal at global platform in ensuring the high quality and professional research standards.

International Journal of Medical and Pharma Research (IJMPR) is a bi-annual, reviewed, interdisciplinary journal. IJMPR focuses on integrating theory, research and practice in the area of medical and pharma sciences. It aspires to bring academicians, researchers, doctors, medical as well as pharma industry people and practitioners together.

Global in scope and authorship, International Journal of Medical and Pharma Research (IJMPR) bridges the gap across medical and pharma communities vis a vis its multiple disciplines with a view of sharing information and to provide a platform for debate with the widest possible audience, doctors, researchers, academicians, medical as well as pharma experts. The IJMPR has a particular interest in trans-disciplinary and interdisciplinary approaches focusing on the issues relevant in contemporary medical world. It serves as a forum for review, reflection and discussion informed by the results of recent and ongoing research.

The journal discusses the distinctive disciplinary practices within the sciences of the medical and pharma field and examines examples of these practices. In order to define and exemplify disciplinarity, the journal fosters dialogue ranging from the broad and speculative to the microcosmic and empirical. In considering the varied interdisciplinary, trans-disciplinary or multidisciplinary work across and between the natural and applied sciences, the journal showcases interdisciplinary practices in action. The focus of papers ranges from the finely grained and empirical, to wide-ranging multi-disciplinary and transdisciplinary practices, to perspectives on knowledge and method.

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