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In India, digital has become the most imperative focus part for bank marketers nowadays. While many at present use new hi-tech tools and techniques to develop and to get in touch with their customers and more importantly, new business possession, most marketers are still trying to take hold of to be digital. With ongoing channel proliferation, marketers take great effort to build out their strategies while reinforcing customer loyalty and brand awareness. In this context, the study mainly focuses on business usage of digital marketing strategies toward banking services, Internet technologies and its performance in B2B markets and the extent to which digital technologies are re-shaping business strategies, promotional activities and trading environments. Proving the effectiveness of bank marketing strategies beyond brand-building has always been a challenge. Now, several converging forces may help propel marketing forward as a revenue source rather than a cost center. Digital Marketing skills more developed in business with integration of e-commerce into planning and execution at business or country level.


In this background, an attempt is made to examine the Efficacy of Digital Marketing Strategy on the Performance of SBI Services towards their Customers in Coimbatore. The study is carried out with the help of a structured questionnaire administered to respondents and with the help of their responses analysis is made thereafter, which is followed by findings of the study with few suggestions.


Digital Banking, Digital Marketing, Marketing Strategies, Internet Banking, Internet Marketing, Banking Sector and Digital tools.


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