Sahil Ramchandani, Ila Yadav


Purpose: The paper aims at studying the latest CSR practices adopted by various Indian Companies and MNCs, from the Technology Sector as well as discovering some trends that have been commonly adopted by companies, in general.

Research Methodology:  The sample for the present study consists of ten companies from the Technology Sector. The companies have been chosen from “India’s Top Companies for Sustainability and CSR(5)” and “Global CSR RepTrak 100(8)” Lists.

Results and Conclusion: It was found that despite of the latest innovations and trends in the field of CSR, most of the activities can be classified into four broad categories: Education, Healthcare, Rural Development and Environment Sustainability. However, this does not restrict the companies to come out with new trends and practices in the ever-growing field of CSR.


CSR trends, Technology Sector, Sustainability, VUCA, Corporate social responsibility, MNC.


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