K. Princy, H. Namruta, R. Srimathi


Nowadays, mostly all payments are done through many mobile apps through Pay tm, Google pay etc. Transaction is secure and can be made clear by using mobile apps in apple I phone or android whichever may be. Whether it is a small business or large business it doesn’t matter, all the payments of a business are done through mobile apps only. Instead of signing a paper receipt, customers can sign on their phone by using their fingerprint. Mobile apps can help the businessman in the following way. The main thing is providing customer service. For example: doing some banking or transaction apps. It will add value to the business. I.e. By continuously using the mobile apps they will maintain a good relationship with the customers. By using mobile apps, the business will make money. I.e. By selling apps based on the business intellectual property. It makes bookkeeping easier. I.e. In a business an accountant will maintain the books of invoices, bills etc. If people make their payment through mobile apps it will make an accountant’s work easy. It improves customer experience. I.e. whether the customer buys clothes or anything, by doing their payments through mobile apps they will experience themselves to use the payment method instead of standing in line and paying the amount of goods and services. It is the best opportunity to stay on top of the technology. I.e. Many banks and retailers will quickly gain the interest and loyalty of the valuable consumers who will quickly adopt themselves to do payments through mobile apps. In this paper, we are going to see more elaborately about the usage of mobile apps for payments of business. Above are some of the main uses, in the full paper we will explain briefly about the uses of mobile apps.


Mobile apps, Payments, Business, Customer, Transaction.



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