Lava Krishna Kannappa, Khalid Hureibi, Jaisimha Abbaraju, Sanjeev Madaan, Seshadri Sriprasad


Renal cell Carcinoma is the twelfth common cancer worldwide with 338000 cases diagnosed in 2012. The recurrence rates after nephrectomy for RCC is about 20-30% and about 40% eventually dying from the cancer progression. This high rate of recurrence after nephrectomy underscores the importance of post-surgical surveillance. Metastasis can be synchronous or metachronous type and solitary or multiple in origin. Metastasis post nephrectomy tends present early or very late after surgery.


We carred out a review of solitary metastasis patients who have had surgery and study their survival time. Kaplan–Meier survival plot analysis was done to find out the cumulative time of survival for all the patients who have had solitary Metastatectomy. The Median and mean survival time for 225 patients from the time of solitary metastasis removal by surgery was about 43 months (95% CI, 38.2 to 47.7 Months) and 61 Months (95% CI, 46.8 to 75.2 Months) respectively. We present you the findings of the behaviour of RCC in terms of different sites of metastasis and its time taken underlying its indolent nature.


Carcinoma, Renal cell carcinoma, Metastasis, Solitary metastasis, Nephrectomy, Cancer.


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